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I make music. I raise babies. I live in the Great Northwest with a captive audience: the love of my life and our four babies.

I grew up on the side of a mountain. With a bunch of siblings. We travelled the country on a bus, peddling our wares of song for all sorts of audiences in all kinds of venues. By the time I was 9 I could make change for a $20, set up a PA, change a guitar string, and play to a crowd. I won some awards at some fiddle contests, lots of times coming in 2nd to my brother Luke Bulla. When I was 18 Luke and I loaded up his Mitsubishi Eclipse and headed for Nashville, where we co-founded a band, Wise Child. I played with Nashville greats Jim Lauderdale, Cody Kilby, Chris and Sally Jones, Paul Overstreet, Paul Brewster, and Ricky Skaggs, among others, all while holding down an early morning job and hosting many a late night jam session with Luke at our pad, The Berry Hill House. Nowadays I'm back in the mountain country where I belong, with the love of my life and our 4 babies. In addition to writing for my solo record, Saints and Sinners, I've written and co-written songs for John Cowan and Sara Watkins. I write to remember my Bluegrass roots as I chronicle the westward journey of a generation and a family. I am an American Songstress.